Congress Venue

The IAHS World Congress 2018 will be held in Naples, Italy. Naples is one of the most attractive destinations in Italy and is known as one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and the World.

Around Naples you can visit famous places for historical, archaeological and artistic heritage and the beauty of the site: Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum, Capri, Ischia, Sorrento, Mount Vesuvius, and more.

Naples and the Neapolitans: an inseparable duo

Naples,the capital of the Campania region, is a beautiful city: its inhabitants describe themselves as "people with heart in hand" for their sociability that is often confused with boldness and desire to take center stage. Like its people, the city is sunny and bright, with lots of attractions and places of artistic and architectural interest.

Forts, churches and palaces

The symbol of Naples is the Angevin Castle, also known as New Castle, and built around 1266 by Charles I of Anjou. It is located in the Town Hall Square, and its facade with the Triumphal arch of Alfonso I excels in all the post cards of the city.

The kingdom of pizza

Only in the city of Naples you can taste the real pizza: here the recipe that has made a fool the whole world was in fact created. The first pizza margherita, with basil, mozzarella and tomato, was cooked by Raffaele Esposito in honor of the Queen, who chose these ingredients to honor the flag.

Beer, talk and nightclubs: the Neapolitan movida

If you want to enjoy a good beer the advice is to go to Vomero - Piazza Medaglie d'Oro, the Naples underground - line 1, where you will find the Scottish Pub Sinclair.
If you are looking for a chic neighborhood to spend a nice evening in Naples, the advice is to go to Chiaia, one of the celebrities and fashionistas in the city, thanks to the many designer shops that you can find here. The local area are called "small bars", the young people of Naples are well used to switch between them, and stop drinking outdoors when the weather permits.


Onthe web you can choose from a large number of hotels from 3 to 5 stars, as well as B&Band apartments. To choose the hotel keep in mind that the work of IAHS2018Congress will be held in the Promenade Naples area.


Due to its location, Naples enjoys good transport connections, with the other Italian cities and with the rest of the world. Various national and international airlines have regular flights to Naples.


Rail transport is another alternative for visitors to the region. The Italian rail service has a vast network of trains to places all over the country.

  • Metropolitan of Naples - line 1: fast and comfortable trains for Naples visit.
  • High speed trains: connections to various cities in Italy, such as Rome, Florence, Venice.
  • Inter-regional trains.


Naples also benefits from a good road network, composed of motorways, trunk roads and a range of secondary roads, making the journey comfortable and efficient whether you're travelling by bus or driving in a rented car.


Naples also benefits from a good network of ferries that connect the city with the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida and the Sorrento Peninsula.