About IAHS 2018

From the cage man to the domus of the Roman patricians, from the poorer classes to the castles of medieval lords, from the Palaces of the Renaissance Age to the co-housing of now a day, the house has always represented safety, affection and freedom.

Feeling at home, in every age, has meant to possess and enjoy the internalized things that we have: to know how to move in the dark, to recognize smells, the paths, the color of the light coming from the windows. The house is set of spaces that preserve our memories and our thoughts and tells our existence.

Modern society faces significant challenges in terms of resources that are dwindling and a climate that is changing. It must ensure safety in respect of disastrous events with which nature responds to the aggression of man; ensure the saving of soil which is a non-renewable resource; ensure that every man, able-bodied or not, has the accessibility to the architectural space and the anthropic space in general; respond to the laws of economics, finance and management.

This has increased the need for interdisciplinary research on the design, on the functionality and on the management of "life" to guarantee man the dignity of mankind.

We hope that the 42nd IAHS World Congress will be an ideal forum to disseminate recent advances and discuss future trends towards a more sustainable, innovative and accessible construction industry. The broad scope of the International Association for Housing (IAHS) series of congresses also makes this an excellent place to discuss any issue related to housing science.

We invite everyone involved in construction research to join us at the 42nd IAHS World Congress. Participants can present their research and interact with experts from around the world, becoming part of a unique community. We look forward to welcoming you in Naples in April 10th to 13th 2018.